About Us

Silver Lantern Studios

    We are a Midwest-based production company, and our mission is to tell meaningful stories. Whether it is for a narrative idea, brand, company, real person/event, etc. we draw out the truth that will resonate with audiences. We believe in the innate value and beauty of the human person and use film as a medium to convey that.

      Our Team

      Anton Weidner

        Anton is a Film Director and Producer.  He spends his days dreaming about stories and spending time with his wife and kids, all while running Silver Lantern Studios. He has a deep-seated faith that is the inspiration and driving force behind everything he does, especially his storytelling. In order to fulfill his mission, Anton wants to show the Truth, Goodness and Beauty of God even with hard topics. His dream is to create feature films and long form television shows that he and his whole family will enjoy. 

        Michael Uyehata

          Michael is a Cinematographer and Producer for Silver Lantern Studios who has a love for beautiful images and compelling stories. He started the company with Anton after moving away from the LA film industry where he gained most of his experience as a Cinematographer and filmmaker. He also has a background in Virtual Production and using LED walls to capture complex ICVFX (In-Camera, Visual Effects) for narrative film. Michael desires for his fellow filmmakers to succeed and stops at nothing to make their visions a reality.

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